valentine's day miscellany

It's Monday. How about a bit of random?

1. You know how I was spouting off about how lately I'm all about project monogamy? Well, I think all it took was stating it publicly in a blog post to make it not true anymore. In the last week I've started about three more projects and planned several more. Halfway through binding off the bottom of the lightweight pullover, I decided to try it on, and discovered that I really want it to be a couple inches longer, so I frogged all the ribbing, put it back on the needles, and that's where I stopped. This is, in part, what prompted my latest bout of startitis.

2. I knit a little mitten (pictured in last week's Wordless Wednesday post), which is really not so much a mitten as a gauge swatch for a fair isle hat I'm doing by request for someone else. I didn't get the gauge I need, and the little mitten, while lovely, has approximately one gazillion ends to weave in, plus I think the thumb might end up too small, so I haven't even decided if it's worth finishing, much less make the second one. If nothing else, I suppose I could sew a loop on the end and call it a Christmas ornament.

3. Stuart commented one day last week that he wouldn't mind having a pair of lightweight mittens. He's got some nice heavy-duty waterproof ones my parents gave him for Christmas, but they're too warm for the thawing weather we're having now. I took some measurements, chose some yarn, and cast on last Thursday, optimistically thinking I'd have the mittens done for Valentine's Day. Not that we really celebrate Valentine's Day, but it seemed like a reasonable deadline. I almost made it:

As you can see, I've just got a bit of thumb left, so by this evening sometime Stuart shall have his new mittens. I've stalled, though, because I don't know exactly how long his thumbs are, and I don't want to guess. I left him a phone message at work asking him to measure his thumb length, which I'm sure he'll find a little weird, but we've been married almost 10 years, so by now this stuff doesn't faze him much. In any case, if he calls back with a measurement, he'll have his mittens by suppertime, and if not...he'll have to wait just a bit longer!

4. We got word from the contractor yesterday that he'll be ready to start up basement work in a couple of weeks. The next steps are wall framing and very messy plumbing work, so we have to get Everything Out. This includes the stash. Now that I've relocated it ALL AT ONCE I realize - yet again - just how much there is. I love my stash, I love my yarn, but it takes up a fair chunk of real estate in our little house. I'm trying very hard not to get into a guilt spiral about all of this but I do think it's time to think about reducing. Or at least not expanding. Not to mention, taking sealed plastic tubs out to store in the shed sent me in a bit of a panic about planning the next few months of knitting (impossible because I always change my mind about what to knit next) and keeping everything accessible in case I need it immediately. Not that I can't get to the stuff out there, but it is certainly not easy.


cauchy09 said…
yeah, monogamy is good, in theory. nice mittens!

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