by the way...

By the way, Jessi rocks. She sent me this a few weeks ago:

It took me this long to take even this not-so-great picture, but I wanted to share my appreciation publicly. It's a crocheted neckwarmer in the most beautiful heathery shade of jade or teal. I could tell immediately that it was made of 100% wool because it's nice and warm, and happily not one little bit itchy. My favorite thing about this neckwarmer is that it's one big loop, so I can double it up to wrap it nice and warm around my neck without the annoyance of ends coming out and needing constant adjustment. (I'm not saying I don't like a good scarf, but there is something appealing about the practicality of something loop-shaped.) Anyway, I wear this all the time and it goes very nicely with my espresso-colored coat. Bonus.

(I am really enjoying the ongoing conversation about stash. Thanks for your comments, everyone!)


Jessi said…
Aww. You look great in it!

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