new mittens for stu

This week, I have spent a good deal of my mental energy engaged in thought and action regarding Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's "budget repair bill." If you follow my non-knitting blog, you've read my thoughts on the matter. I am not alone; I spent the entire afternoon marching around and in the state Capitol with thousands upon thousands (50K or more) of union members and supporters in a peaceful protest against the bill. One poor guy got kicked in the groin, but there wasn't any rowdiness other than that. Of course, the Crazy Train brought a few Tea-Party-Movement/Walker-Supporters into town, but believe you me, they were vastly outnumbered. (I'm sure Fox News would have you believe otherwise.) Every so often, about a half dozen of them would walk through the crowd going the wrong way; we politely let them through, but drowned out their chants of "Pass this bill!" with our own "Stop the bill!"

Yeah, so this whole thing has me so distracted this week that I haven't done much knitting. Not serious knitting, anyway. And having a sick kid didn't help much, what with being up several nights in a row with a coughing, feverish little girl. But I did manage to finish Stuart's mittens, on Valentine's Day no less!

Hooray for Stu. He happily dropped me off and picked me up downtown (I don't mind the bus, but it would have taken me MUCH longer to get home to fix dinner) and took care of the kids all afternoon so I could participate in the protests. He is a good man and understands my passions. He is getting a sweater for his birthday, too...that happens to be in less than a month...guess I better get cracking!


Amanda said…
I'm giggling about your "crazy train"... exactly right. Good for you for finding time to craft... I've knit about three stitches this week.
Louise said…
The mitts look nice and warm. Good luck with the sweater knitting.
gay said…
i was up half the night last night with concern over this most important issue. i am with you on the protest march in spirt and in solidarity and you may help save my bargaining power. thank you for being there!
Suze said…
Gay, I hear that state workers in Pennsylvania are wearing red in a show of solidarity with Wi workers! This is a huge fight; we just happen to be in ground zero. I will continue to march and fight and blog. Thank you for your support!

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