fair isle friday

I don't think I'm going to make "fair isle Friday" a regular feature or anything, but I enjoy the alliteration, so here's a peek at my latest project:

Those are the earflaps for a Polar Chullo. I'm knitting it for one of Daniel's teachers, who liked her Toboggan Noggin so much that she asked me to make her another hat. She specifically requested earflaps. I kind of wanted an excuse to make a polar chullo, so I suggested this pattern. That might have been crazy because the gauge it calls for is approximately a zillion stitches per inch, but it looks like fun, so I'm going for it.

The first part is driving me bonkers, though. The earflaps are knit back and forth, and they have fair isle, too, which makes for quite a mess on the back:

I considered adapting the earflaps to be knit in the round somehow, but decided against it because the recipient wants to line the whole hat with fleece, and I'm afraid the earflaps knit double-thick would make it really unwieldy and bulky. So I just suffered through. The fun part is yet to come.


Anonymous said…
Next time, maybe you could plan to steek the earflaps, knitting one on each of two circulars, especially if the hat will be lined, that would be a slick solution.

I'm sure it'll be more fun when you get to the body of the hat!
Suze said…
Revknits, I know that at least one person on Ravelry has done that already...but it would be my first time with steeks, and I didn't want to do it with something so small.
cauchy09 said…
grrrrr. purling in colorwork is a serious pain in the butt. it'll be a great hat, though.
Louise said…
Have fun with the pattern. The colours look great.
Anonymous said…
Suze, that cutting the knitting certainly does scare us knitters, doesn't it? ;)

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