i blame da packers

Before I show you my latest screw-up, allow me to share a couple of silly kid pictures. Here they are watching the TeeVee yesterday; evidently, Daniel finds Clifford more interesting upside down.

Here's Anya all bundled up on the way to the grocery store, wearing a smattering of handknits, including my stolen teal Ptarmigan, a black hat with kitty ears I made for Halloween two years ago and never blogged, and yellow mittens that match her bobbly hat:

And now, back to regularly scheduled knitting. I've been smitten with this cardigan since it was published as a free pattern on the Berroco website. Less than two weeks ago, with my Urban Aran fresh off the needles, I cast on. I think this may be just about the quickest sweater (adult-sized, anyway) I've ever made! Or so I thought...

You see, this afternoon during the Packers-Bears game (w00t!) I cast off the final piece, the left front (I knit in this order: back, sleeves, fronts). When I went to block everything a little while later, I noticed the fronts didn't exactly match, and to my frustration, I realized why:

Despite the lousy quality of this photo, you can see that I left a couple of rows out in one of the repeats of this particular pattern. It's the piece I just finished knitting, and while the mistake is probably a couple of days old, I'm going to blame the exciting football game for the fact that I didn't notice until I had everything all pinned down and dampened with water. Now, I normally don't watch football or even pay attention, but yo, it's the Packers against the Bears (age-old rivals!) in a playoff game...I couldn't help but see this one.

When my husband is done watching the Steelers/Jets game (I've seen enough football for today, I think) I'm going to settle down with my cup of tea in front of PBS and knit...what? Oddly enough, I've been knitting one project at a time, and since that sweater piece with the mistake has to dry before I can rip and reknit it, I'm a little at odds about what to do next. I could really use some socks. I really want to make these mittens for Daniel, not because he needs them, really, but because I really want to make them. There are a few new babies (friends near and far) I ought to knit something for, if only some squishy balls from Itty Bitty Toys.

In any case, I better decide soon, because Stuart tells me there is about 10 minutes left in the game before it's my turn in front of the television!


Dee said…
I am a life long Packer fan and I couldn't knit during the last two games, I was too involved in the game. (And yesterday I was helping to make supper.)

I can't wait to see the finished sweater.

Dee Anna
Rosemary said…
I didn't even try to knit during the game last night. I plied handspun instead.
Anonymous said…
Ah, yes. The Green Bay Packers.

Way back when I was in college, my alma mater had a very sexist event called the buffalo barbeque, or something like that. Men only. About the time I was a senior they got Bart Starr to speak. He was pretty much at the height of his career. With the Packers. Quite an interesting talk, as I recall. Since then I have had a slight interest in the Packers, which is more then I can say for any other NFL team.

A mistake in your knitting? I will take your word for it. As you know, I don't know a knit from a purl. (Don't believe me? Ask your mother about me.)

Knit said…
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