I almost have a new sweater

Check it out:

I have been working on this Urban Aran Cardigan/Jacket for a long time, off and on since last spring. Gauge problems, a badly placed cable pattern, warm weather, and various other distractions caused me to set it aside several times. So what should have been a quick knit turned into a ridiculously long-term project! Once the Christmas knitting was done, I was itching to get some selfish knitting done, so I decided to wrap this up. Since I picked it back up last week, it's been going pretty fast. The fact that most of it was knit twice (see above re: gauge issues and badly placed cables...) meant that by the time I got going again, I hardly had to look at the chart; I think I got the left front done in about 24 hours.

In fact, if I would stop putzing around on the computer and get back to the knitting, I'd have the collar done and the sweater ready for a good soak yet this evening. All that's left after that is the zipper...and therein lies the problem. I really want to install a 2-way separating zipper, just like Jared Flood did in his version of this sweater. Last time I checked at Joann's, though, 2-way zippers only come ready-made in a few lengths, starting at 26", which is considerably longer than I would need. I'll have to custom-order one or find one online in the length I need, probably 22-23", depending on how much or even if the sweater grows after blocking. The impatient side of me is tempted to get a regular separating zipper so I can have a new sweater sooner, but I think the 2-way zipper would be a lot spiffier. I suppose it's worth the wait.


Dee said…
Love the sweater! I can't wait to see it finished.

I think you can customize the length of the longer zipper by sewing new "stops" at the top of the zipper at the length you need. You can hand stitch the extra inside the collar or cut it to remove most of the excess. I would ask a person who sews to be sure but my mom always alters zipper lengths for me.
Suze said…
Thanks, Dee. I may give that a try. It turns out I only need to shorten the shortest length by an inch or so...
revknits said…
You can order your own custom length zipper from here: http://www.zipperstop.com/

The sweater is looking good!
whitknits said…
Oh, this is going to be a fantastic sweater!

I think a separating zipper is totally worth the wait.
Jessi said…
I love a two way zipper. I'd give my eyeteeth for my regular coat to have one and I think it's totally worth a few days wait. On another note - LOve this sweater. Enough for incorrect capitalization. :)
Looks great! I agree, the two way zipper seems worth the wait. Jared's explanations of the virtues of the two way zipper are pretty convincing.

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