snowy pictures and comfort food

I have not one, but two FOs to show you...eventually. There's a scarf I finished up at least a week ago, and Redhook is all done and I have worn it already, but there is just no way to get a photo session in before the weekend. Stuart's commute to work just got longer, so he leave in the morning before it's completely light outside and he gets home after the sun sets. I could take self-portraits, or take pictures of the items not being worn, or have Stu take pictures inside with a flash at night when the lighting is terrible, or even ask Daniel to take pictures, but none of those options is satisfactory. So we wait.

Here are a couple kid shots to distract you, though. Daniel sledding yesterday with his buddy Ben:

Daniel and Anya all dressed up (in clothes they chose themselves, obviously - Daniel's wearing 2 layers of PJs and Anya has 2 shades of blue going on) and ready to go out in their winter gear. And sunglasses:

And last, here is what we ate for dinner last night:

Lately, this is one of my favorite winter comfort foods: a skillet of fried potatoes with cabbage, onions, leftover sausage (local, of course) and a diced apple, seasoned with something called "tasty salt" that I bought at a Russian market. The kids won't eat this, of course, but they will eat the applesauce and cottage cheese and fresh bread we had on the side.


Yum! That potato cabbage skillet looks delicious. Great color with the purple cabbage.

I've often wondered how or if I might need to change my cooking when we have kids.
Suze said…
My cooking hasn't changed so much except that I tone down the spices. I make a LOT of PBJ and noodles with sauce, though, for the times the kids don't like whatever we're having. They're finicky that way.

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