some progress

Taking care of mildly sick kids for the last week means we've had no trips outside the house except to the doctor (to get a big bottle of pink medicine to treat an ear infection*). There has also been lots of TV time for them, which translates to more knitting time for me than is usual.

I debated for a minute whether to show you this extremely unflattering picture, but what the hey. It's progress:

This is the garter yoke cardigan out of what I'm calling the "orchard wool." I've been zipping right along while watching PBS with the kids (mostly Curious George DVDs, which I can tolerate more easily than other shows like Arthur. Or Clifford. Oy.) You can see in the photo from the way the partially finished sweater clashes with my t-shirt that the yarn isn't quite black, just a very, very dark brown. It also looks like the sweater fits me badly, but that's just the way it's bunched up on the needles at the bottom. I think it will actually fit very nicely and be a good everyday cardigan.

Lately, I've been finding satisfaction in knitting one or two things at a time, rather than starting too many projects at once. I find I'm more likely to finish what I've started that way. Anyway, I would really like to finish this sweater soon so that I can get going on some projects for Afghans for Afghans. They need lots of children's items in early March, and I bet I could crank out a couple chunky sweaters and some thick, warm socks next month. But then, there are also at least half a dozen babies due very soon and a couple of birthdays coming up, all of which deserve some knitterly consideration.

One thing at a time, Susan. One thing at a time.

*ETA: Yes, indeed, the pink medicine is amoxicillin. I think I spent half my childhood drinking large quantities of it from a spoon. Now you get a syringe to measure out the doses exactly right.


Jessi said…
I'm currently trying to finish all my already started projects. I have about 7 going that I intend to finish and one that I am trying to figure out what to do with. I'm hoping that will bring me some satisfaction
Anonymous said…
Is the pink medecine amoxicillin? I thought that stuff was delicious when I was a kid. I hope everyone's feeling better soon if not already.

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