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Stuart and I don't really "do" New Year's Resolutions, for the same reason anyone else wouldn't, I suppose: the inevitable disappointment when, by January 10, you have broken or forgotten or stopped caring about any resolutions you've made. Still, a new year has invigorated both of us with the energy to try some new things. I want to cook some new food, maybe master a curry or two. I should try sourdough; I bake our own bread all the time, so I don't see why sourdough should be that difficult. I'm going to take a beginning photography class at a local camera store so I can use our DSLR properly. I'd like to sew something for myself that actually fits. I want to knit something with steeks.

2009 was all about holding steady and riding the storm, thanking our stars we didn't suffer job loss or home foreclosure like so many others, treading the waters of parenting as new challenges presented themselves, and getting through Stuart's last two semesters of Comp Sci courses. Now that he's done with that and "merely" working a full-time job, he's going to learn some new things, too, starting with the faucet in the kitchen sink. He's going to replace it. Solo. Wish him luck, would you?


Jessi said…
Good luck Stuart. I'm going to learn to knit. I swear. On a stack of Bibles. Really, this time.
Mrs. Allroro said…
Is that like knitting on a tin can?

Suze, I know some really easy curry recipes. Tasty ones.
Suze said…
Knitting on a tin can! No, Ann, steeking is cutting your knitting. On purpose! It's very handy for making cardigans with lots of colorwork - you can knit the thing all in one piece without ever having to look at the wrong side, then you cut straight up the front and sew on a zipper or knit on the buttonband or whatever.

As for curry, I know you've shared some on the recipe blog. I should go look through the archives. Last night I made a very tasty red lentil dish with rice!

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