tagged! (and another double post)

I just posted this on Madtown Mama, and since some of it is knitting-relevant, I'm putting it up here, too. Because I'm lazy. And because it's Friday and I am knitting a crazy orange sock that I want you all to see.

Jessi just tagged me for an award/meme thing. I'm so honored! Thanks, Jess. Anyway, here's the scoop:

1) List 10 things that make you happy, and try to do at least one of them today.
2) Tag 10 bloggers that brighten your day.
3) If you are one of those 10 lucky (happy) bloggers who get the award, link back to my blog and create your happy list!

Things that Make me Happy
1. my 3 morning espressos, without which I am kind of a zombie (check)
2. Daniel's big grin when he runs into his preschool class (check)
3. starting a new knitting project (I began a new sock last night in crazy orange colors, so check)

4. playing really good music, even if it's stressing me out because it's bloody difficult and I only had a week to learn it for someone's audition (check)
5. making and eating really good food
6. Daniel's new enthusiasm for helping me cook dinner. He likes to dump the ingredients and stir and turn on the stove, and he can put together the food processor all by himself, once I get all the parts down from the cupboard.
7. Anya's new words, which can only be transcribed with double exclamation points: "Pants!! No help!! No, Mama!! Daniel!! Naked!!"
8. a beer at 5:00
9. new yarn (I bought some with birthday cash a few weeks ago)
10. a clean house, but that never happens

Bloggers Who Brighten My Day
1. Sweet Water Journal (I don't care if you haven't posted in months)
2. Knitting to Stay Sane (Glenna C and I have never met, but I bet we have a lot in common)
3. Stinkbumps (Jenn has astounding courage and fortitude, and also, a really good sense of humor)
4. happy.stuff. (whose creativity always inspires me)
5. Lifescapes (another blogger named Susan who writes deliciously fun mystery novels and homesteads in Texas Hill Country)
6. whitknits (grad student, knitter, need I say more?)
7. Making Progress (a guy who knits, and his wife does too! Also, they apparently can cook good Indian food...)
8. Caffeine Girl (fellow Madisonian and knitter. If I ever join the local knitting guild, we'll get to meet in person)
9. Notes from a Scattered Mind (is it okay that I linked back to Jessi?)
10. gaysknits (this lady is just cool)

So y'all can consider yourself tagged or not. I know not everyone likes to be tagged, so if that's you, I won't be offended if you ignore this.


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