I can't seem to stop!

I can't seem to stop making stuff for Anya. I have found so many cute patterns for this and that I keep on starting projects for her, even though I swear I'm going to get around to selfish knitting for me any day now.

In the mean time, humor me, will you? At the very least, I have an excuse to post pictures of my daughter.

This morning I made Anya another pair of long shorts, same pattern as those green ones. This fabric is a wonderful batik I got at Stitchers' Crossing. Batiks are expensive - around $10 per yard - but you only need 1/2 yard for one pair of shorts, so I still consider it a bargain.

These shorts are ridiculously easy to make. No pockets or anything fancy, just the side seams, the crotch seam, the hem, and the elastic casing.

I put in a little extra effort cutting out the pieces to try and match up the printed pattern. Mostly, it worked out, I think.

Anya seems happy with them, at any rate.

And the good news is that my serger is fixed! I was totally right about the safety function being stuck on. I took it in to this repair place, and the guy jiggled something for a minute, fixed the tension (which was all goofy for some reason), and didn't even charge me.

Daniel, by the way, is completely fascinated with my serger. He watched me sewing this morning, then went outside to thread his own. This involved wrapping a piece of scrap yarn around the upside down wheelbarrow.

He also spent some time with his tinker toys "building a serger"...I wonder what he'll be when he grows up. Any guesses?


Caffeine Girl said…
I vote for engineer. Good pay; lots of jobs!

The shorts are adorable. Great job on matching the pattern.
Hey, I got your stash yarn yesterday! Thanks! When I get a minute, I'm going to try to find a super easy beginners pattern to make something for Jamie - maybe a sk8r boi hat or something. His fashion idols right now are the Jonas Brothers (I keep telling myself it could be worse), so he's more likely to want a beret or super long scarf. We'll see. Thanks for the yarn!
Jessi said…
Love the shorts. I am always buying fabric for the girls and never sewing anything. I have the cutest blue cotton with little red whales... Maybe my grandkids will get dresses.
Mrs. Allroro said…
That thought of Daniel with his yarn and wheelbarrow is soooo adorable.

I love the batik shorts. The fabric is beautiful, and you could even use those shorts for a baby boy if one appeared. (I like your babies and think you should continue making more.)

I know I say something like this on every post you write, but that fabric reminds me of your mom, too.

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