not for Anya this time

Several days ago I finished the cabled raglan baby sweater (Ravelry link), but I didn't have the motivation to spend all of 5 minutes sewing on the snap and button for the top closure. Why? Because as adorable as this little sweater is, Anya can't wear it. Yes, it fits her. Yes, we have cool weather up north that requires an extra layer early in the morning to keep warm. But the color is absolutely awful on her. I knew that when I started, but I had the yarn in my stash and I wanted to use it. I'm sure I'll find someone to give it to.

Pattern: cabled raglan baby sweater by Rebecca Daniels, largest size (24 months)
Yarn: RYC cashsoft DK, about 4 skeins. This yarn is so soft I could bathe in it.
Mods: I "fixed" the cables. First, I made them symmetrical. Second, the original pattern has them placed sort of irregularly, and that bugged me. I just did the cable cross every 10 rows and called it good. Also, the sleeves, which are about elbow-length, look gigantic because there are no decreases. Before doing the garter stitch cuff, I did a round of k3, k2tog (or was it k2, k2tog? I'm not sure) to gather it slightly, and I like the effect:

I found a pretty button (though it might be a little heavy):

Don't worry, little Anya. I've already started another one for you, this time in a color you can wear.


Caffeine Girl said…
What a darling sweater. I am sure it will find a happy home at some point. And that button is such an elegant touch.
Anonymous said…
I can totally sympathize...Anya looks to have the same coloring as I did when I was a wee one, and that color is not one I could ever pull off. But I'm sure it will find a good home somewhere!

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