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We were on vacation this past week. Since it was a billion degrees the whole time, I kind of lost my will to knit, but I got a good start on sassymetrical, at least. I don't have anything to show you but a blob of stockinette, though, so instead, here's a glimpse of my knitting bags:

I am constantly on a quest for the perfect knitting project bag. Despite my best efforts to be organized, I always have a lot of things going at once, so at the very least, a bag for everything keeps the yarn from getting tangled too badly. I've made all kinds of bags in my limited sewing career; some I've used, some have been gifts. I have yet to design the perfect knitting bag, though someday I will.

The bag on the far left was a gift from my MIL last week. Ten Thousand Villages is a fair trade shop with locations in various Mennonite towns across the country; this one came from Kansas. It's a sturdy canvas bag with a handy velcro closure at the top. It's a bit nice for groceries, but might be the perfect size for a larger project, like a sweater.

The bag in the middle is one I made at least 5 or 6 years ago, if not more. It's soft ecru-colored denim fabric I nabbed from my mom's stash. I designed the whole thing myself, and even did the leaf stamping. There is a sage-colored lining and inner pockets for things like needle gauges and crochet hooks and tiny bottles of lotion. I'm proud of that one, and I think I must have been channeling Martha Stewart the day I made it. It's not on-the-go very much, though, because I tend to keep all my DPNs in there along with small unfinished projects. It's still my favorite.

The last bag on the right is from Whole Foods and cost 79 cents. It was designed by Cheryl Crowe and is made of recycled plastic. It's not nearly as nice or special as anything I could have designed and made myself, but it's a perfect size and plenty sturdy. It's the one I took along to the Dells this week, and it was just right for what I needed.

What about you? What do you look for in your knitting bag? Do you throw everything into a plastic shopping bag? A large Ziploc? Your purse? A designer specialty?


Caffeine Girl said…
Great idea for a post. I think I'd be embarrassed to show how many knittng bags I have -- but I'll do it this week anyhow. I tend to like little, one-project bags, and find myself using Ziplock bags quite a bit!

I saw the most beautiful Namaste bag at Knitting Tree the other day and have been trying to come up with some reason why I need a $79 knitting bag!

I'm very impressed by your sewing and your leaf printing, which I've found to be harder than it looks.
Dee said…
I had my amazing seamstress mother make me a knitting bag. I love it dearly. I will have to take some pics and blog about it.

I really like your leaf bag.

Dee Anna
Jessi said…
I have yet to find the perfect crochet bag (I just insert the word crochet whenever you say knit:)) but I am working on a list of what that would have. So far, I have stands up on it's own, big, lots of little pockets and easy to carry. I think what I'm actually describing is more suitcase than bag, though.

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