am TOO in the holiday spirit!

We made cookies this morning. Holiday shapes and everything!

We have a standing playdate on Friday mornings with the boy across the street. He and Daniel are best buddies, and it so happens that we parents (all 4 of us) get along famously as well. Daniel spent the night there last year when I had to go the hospital to have Anya (OMG that was almost exactly a year ago!), and that's when the friendship(s) started. Friday mornings are sacrosanct for us. In the summer, we often go to various parks or the zoo. When it's not nice for playing outside we'll go to the Madison Children's Museum or the library, or just play at one of our houses. Today I decided we should bake cookies and it was a great success. After the requisite zooming around with trucks and toys and making snowmen out of play dough, we got down to business, rolling the dough (I made it ahead of time so it could be refrigerated), cutting out shapes, and baking them until they were just golden around the edges. This afternoon I drizzled on the pink frosting, and now they're all ready to be refreshments at my piano students' recital tomorrow. What's left of them, anyway; fresh sugar cookies are hard to resist. Even Anya ate one of the tiny ones.

I look forward to a time when my kids can remember and appreciate at least some of the activities associated with the holidays. I haven't put up a single piece of holiday decor, for three good reasons: our house is too small to shove more stuff into, we're traveling the week of Christmas anyway, and the kids would probably destroy anything I put up. So one might be led to believe that we're a family of scrooges who really don't care much for Christmas and the holiday season. Not so! It's just that I only have so much energy to get through each day, and that does not include hanging garlands or lights that will inevitably get torn down by little hands. And until this year I've always had school stuff keeping me occupied until right before Christmas, and by then it was usually too late to worry about decorating anyway. Maybe next year Daniel will have enough awareness to enjoy trimming a tree (though God only knows where we can fit a Christmas tree) and Anya will be less likely to pull it down.

For now, though, I'm happy to bake some cookies, listen to festive music, watch the snow come down, and imagine I have the time to do all the Christmas knitting I'd like!


Okay, so I'm thinking I may want to learn how to knit. Any suggestions on the best "teach me how to knit" book, video, DVD, etc.?

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