I don't get credit for this one. Daniel's Oma (my mom) made him a jacket out of leftover yarn from a sweater she made.

She used a pattern from a Debbie Bliss book of mine, though the stripes were an added feature. In part, this was because there wasn't enough teal yarn for the whole sweater, but mostly, the stripes are cute. Wouldn't you agree?

("Daniel, smile so I can see your teeth!")

You can't really see it in these pictures, but the jacket is lined. The yarn is hard-wearing wool, which means it's good and warm for a jacket, but certainly not next-to-the-skin soft. So we picked out some jersey knit fabric and my mom cut out pieces to match the pieces of the sweater and sewed it on the inside. Thus, the jacket is a little more wind-proof. My sole contribution to the project, besides finding (and lending) the pattern, was to install the zipper. I didn't do a stellar sewing job, but it zips and hasn't ripped (yet) so I guess it'll do.

Of course, we're well past those autumn days that are pleasantly chilly and well into winter. Now that I have small children to bundle up every time we need a dozen eggs at the store, I find that I hate this weather. I found all the snow rather charming my first winter in Wisconsin, but dudes, the romance is over. It's cold, it's snowy and it's going to be this way forever. Well, for several months anyway. At least it's inspired me to make some wooly things to keep us warm. I've made Daniel two hats, and I've got mittens and socks in the queue (when his cousin's Christmas sweater is done). I desperately need a hat. I want to make a lined coat for Anya, even though I already broke down and bought her a head-to-toe snowsuit from Land's End last week. Stubert is long overdue for a sweater he'll actually wear, and I'm a sleeve and a collar short of finishing a sweater for myself...all these things I shall show you if I EVER get the chance to take some decent pictures (grumble grumble stupid short days with no sunshine grumble grumble).


Steph said…
The next thing I want to see is a picture with Oma and Daniel in their color-coordinated sweaters. Maybe we can get one at Christmas?

Love the new blog looks, BTW.
Anonymous said…
An excellent job of photography, Suze. It certainly shows the jacket to best advantage, disguising the fact that it is overly roomy.
Suze said…
Oma, extra roominess is a real problem with Debbie Bliss designs, esp the older ones (and that jacket is from an older book of hers).

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