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We just spent a week in Kansas for Christmas, where we managed to infect everyone in my extended family with a rather nasty cold, but it was otherwise a fun and busy week. Our return trip was delayed first by bad weather, and secondly by our exhaust system suddenly nearly falling off the car, but we made it home okay (despite a sudden random bout of carsickness from a certain almost 3yo in the backseat - it was gross, but he's fine. Don't worry.)

I finished the Christmas knits! There weren't many, and some things were sent far away and are thus not easily blogged, but I'll do my best.

First, I made a hat for my dad. I got almost all the knitting done in the car between Kansas City and Newton, KS, and then I gave it to him on Christmas day, so I'm afraid you get no photo. He claims to love it, though.

Second, I made some winter accessories for Daniel. Still no felted mittens, but I whipped up a little scarf and a pair of socks. Pictures later when the light isn't crappy (which won't be until May, probably. Oh, winter.)

Third, I made sweaters for both our toddler nephew and brand-new baby niece in North Carolina. I put them up on Ravelry a couple weeks ago but saved the blogging until they reached their destination last week. The pictures aren't great, but it's the best I've got. Here's Charlie's sweater:

I know this picture doesn't show much, but have I mentioned how hard it is to take good pictures a week before the Solstice? Anyway, this is the top-down hoodie tunic by Knitting Pure and Simple, in size 24 months for our nephew Charlie. He'll turn 2 in May, and his mother tells me that this may yet fit next year. I used Rowan pure wool in aran weight and it was soft and lovely, though it had a few knots in the skein, which was disappointing considering the price. Still, it's so soft I don't think there's a chance it will itch, and it's machine-washable.

Here's a the little shrug I made for our new niece, Claire:

Another Knitting Pure and Simple pattern, this time a little girl's shrug. It's actually sized for toddlers-10yo, but I used a lighter weight yarn to make it smaller. I'm guessing it will fit in the spring or summer. You know, when you knit for a kid in Wisconsin, and you're not sure about size, err on the side of cold weather, because chances are, you'll need to wear a sweater all months of the year except June, July and August (even that's negotiable, depending on the whims of global climate change). But if you're knitting for a child in North Carolina, err on the side of warm weather. Claire was born in November, and she's a'growin' fast (aggressive nurser, I hear! You go, girl!), so this shrug could fit anytime from March on out. And in NC, they might get warm weather in March (imagine!), so hopefully this little sweater will find some use. In any case, it was great fun to knit. It only took a few episodes of 30 Rock to knit up, plus another week of dithering around before I sewed on the button. I used Dale of Norway Lerke, a DK wool/cotton blend that I have grown to LOVE (in fact, I bought up a whole bunch on sale at an LYS over the summer, totally violating my "no buying for 2 years" resolution). I confess I also started sewing a little dress to match but it didn't get done. Yet. It's not supposed to fit until spring, so I have time.

BTW, today is my 30th birthday. Happy birthday to me! I am embarking on a new decade of life and I feel big change coming. Not just the impending Obama presidency, either (though thank the heavens for that!), but big stuff in my life. I'll post on it later.


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Happy Birthday!!

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