snowed in

We got a whole bunch of snow last night, enough to close the Madison schools (which almost never happens). This is what the huge maple in the back of the driveway looked like this morning after the plow came by:

The car looks even worse; it's a long story involving a shared driveway, a cranky neighbor, and a plowing service with a sense of entitlement, but I'd rather not go into that. Let's just say it's going to take us the whole evening to dig it out and we're not particularly happy about it.

In the meantime, I've been doing a bit of Christmas knitting. There are a couple things for our nephew and brand-new niece (which I'll wait to post about to save the surprise in case their parents are reading). My dad has requested a hat, for which I have the yarn and his head measurement. And I want to finish up some winter accessories for the Danimal for his Christmas stocking. I've started with a pair of socks:

Plain old wool socks. Couldn't be more thrilling, huh? He complains about being cold when he's playing out in the snow, and I think it's because his extremities aren't properly insulated. Rather than just buy some Smart Wool socks and waterproof mittens from REI or someplace, which would take approximately 5 minutes online, I have chosen to knit these things, which means his hands and feet are still too cold (since I can't ever seem to manage to finish things when I plan to). I bet any socks I buy will hold up better than these, too, but at least that doesn't matter so much since he'll grow out of them before they're too worn out. Next I need to make some felted mittens, because his current pair, while cute and clever and all, are not warm or waterproof enough for the weather we've been having.


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