random Sunday

1. Three weeks after her birthday, and more than two weeks after finishing the knitting part, I finally got around to blocking my mom's shawl:

When I showed Stuart and asked him to admire it, his only comment was: "It is quite triangular." (Don't worry. He supports me in other ways.)

My parents will be here for Thanksgiving this week, so I'll get good FO shots and do a proper post with more details in a few days.

2. Here's a glimpse at my current WIPs:

Clearly, I have a thing for purple these days. Here's a closer look.

3. Baby bolero, a relatively new pattern by Knitting Pure and Simple.

This is for our new niece, born Friday night. She was a couple weeks early because they had to turn her out of breech position and induce labor, but she's healthy and beautiful and dark-haired. I wanted a lickety-split knit so I could be sure to finish in plenty of time for Christmas. I started this the day she was born and now all it needs is the sleeve cuffs and a button; talk about instant gratification! (Also, I need to make her big brother a sweater, which I haven't started yet, but I shall. I shall.) For some reason, I had the hardest time deciding what to knit for this wee girl, though it shouldn't really come as a surprise, sinc her brother the Doodlebug didn't get any handknits from me until his first birthday. Anyway, the bolero seemed right. It won't fit her for a while, probably sometime in the spring, which is appropriate since they live in North Carolina and they actually get warm weather down there starting in March. (Imagine!)

4. A sweater for meeeeeee.

Can you believe it? I'm finally making something for myself in between all of these gifts and kid things. This is the right front of the gray cables cardigan from the Debbie Bliss Rialto Classics booklet. Mine's in purple and not in DB Rialto because as much as I love Debbie Bliss designs, her yarns make me crazy. They're soft as can be but they're also expensive and stretchy and they pill like mad. I'm using Adrienne Vittadini Lisa, which is quite nice.

5. I've got a few other projects in the "queue" (I don't really have a queue because I am always changing my mind about what to do next), and a few of them are rather urgent. First, I promised a cap for my dad at his special request, and seeing as he drove hundreds of miles to get me and my kids to Kansas (I could have done it myself, but it was so much easier with him along) so I could do a concert, I think this gets priority. Second, I want to make my nephew a sweater for Christmas; I'm planning on a simple hoodie that shouldn't take too long. Third, Daniel needs those mittens! No, I haven't forgotten, but he's got the pair I made him last year. They're not as warm as I'd like but it's not desperately cold yet so I have a little time.

6. I'm trying to de-stash a bit. I haven't been doing too well with my "no buying for 2 years resolution" (don't all diets go badly like that?) but I can at least try and reduce some things I know I won't use.


Anonymous said…
I've already fallen off the wagon once on my "no new yarns" thing, too. Oh well...I'm still minimizing the new stuff and getting rid of stuff I won't use, which was the main point.

The shawl looks gorgeous!
Mrs. Allroro said…
Yes, although triangle (like most other shawls), it is gorgeous.

I too am into purple these days. I haven't found anything wonderful enough to purchase yet, but I shall continue looking. I hope I look good in purple. My hair's not quite as dark as yours. If not, I'll do a handbag. (I'm sure you wanted to know.)

By the way, we keep missing each other in KY!

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