checking in

I'm still here. Really. I'm just:

1. frantically trying to keep the house from becoming a complete disaster because

2. my dad's coming into town tomorrow because

3. otherwise I would have to drive to Kansas with the kids by myself because

4. I am giving a concert there with my college teacher and Stuart can't miss a whole week of work and class to travel with us. (I told him I'd buy him a bucket of Advil for all that driving.) Stuart is not here now because

5. his grandma in Montana died and he took the train out there for the funeral. She was 93 and in really poor health, so it wasn't surprising, but still sad.

6. This means I get to wake up at 5:00 with the kids and NOT go back to bed until...bedtime. That sucks because

7. I don't know how to use our espresso machine so I have to settle for regular coffee (just not the same) or getting expensive latt├ęs elsewhere. Today I did the latter.

8. Did I mention that I agreed to judge a piano festival all day Saturday and my dad will be stuck with the kids for nearly 8 hours (maybe they can come meet me for lunch) after driving a whole day to get here? (Stu doesn't get back until Sunday.) I'm really worried that Anya will scream until everyone's completely deaf (she's the clingy sort, very mama-centric.)

8. Also, all of last week I was in Kentucky with the kids visiting my parents because

9. they don't like going more than a couple months in between seeing their grandchildren and also

10. I really needed the free babysitting for an opportunity to practice (see #4 above).

11. Despite all the craziness, I've actually been knitting. I haven't made mittens for Daniel yet. It's too warm for mittens now, though tomorrow it might snow. (hate Wisconsin. hate it hate it hate it. Not really. At least we went for Obama in a big way. WOOOOO!!)

12. I digress. No mittens, but he was still a cat for Halloween, so I made him an orange hat with kitty ears:

Worsted weight yarn doubled goes pretty quick, even when you knit the ears about 6 different times trying to get them right (no pattern - I just winged it.)

13. I finished mom's shawl. Not in time for her birthday, alas, but she'll get it soon. It might be a tad smaller than she wants, but there's no way I'm picking out the bind-off and tinking 12 rows of border in that sticky, woolly shetland yarn.

14. Also, I made a hat for the neighbor's kid and gave it to him before I could get a picture. He and Daniel play all the time, so I'm sure I can sneak one in the next couple weeks, especially since hat weather is here.

Anyway, now I have to:

15. clean up the kitchen before the crust on the floor comes alive and devours us all,

16. prepare some invitation postcards to mail tomorrow so someone actually shows up to this recital next weekend,

17. do a mountain of laundry so we don't have to wear stinky clothes

18. shower

19. drink some tea and try not to feel stressed.

More details later on the actual knitting, I promise.

ETA: I just noticed there are two #8s up there. Meh.


I know how you feel. Not that I'm planning any recitals, but still - I quite well know that never ending list of things that need to be done and you feel like you'll go crazy while trying to do it all.

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