busy busy busy

Egads, what a busy time it's been. First, I was in Kentucky for a week with the kids. Then, the day we got back, Stuart's grandma died and he had to take the train to Montana for the funeral. Then my dad came to help with the kids while I judged a piano festival all day, and we drove to Kansas (we left before Stuart got back from MT) so I could spend a week preparing a 4-hand recital with my former teacher. (I wrote a post about that here, and Steph wrote some nice things about it here as well.) We finally got back into town yesterday, just in time for me to turn around and teach some piano lessons.

Here's the thing about car trips, though: if someone else is willing to drive all or most of a 700-mile trip, you can get a lot of knitting done. Provided, that is, you don't have squash yourself in the back seat between the carseats to keep certain little ones occupied. My dad drove the entire way back from Kansas to Madison. He can't read in the car without getting a headache, so as long as he's not too tired, he prefers to be the driver. It was nice and sunny and the kids were more or less cooperative, so I got about half a sweater done on the way back.

I shall have pictures of knitting to share soon. I need to block that shawl and get some shots of the sweater in progress. I have a design idea for Anya for which I have the yarn, but have yet to swatch. Also, the camera battery is just about dead so it needs to charge before I can give you photographic evidence of any of these things.

I finally downloaded some more pictures of the Kentucky trip, though, and I think you'll be interested in the latest orange thing I've made for Daniel: a bathrobe.

My mom and I spent the better part of a day sewing it up. He feels like such a "gohm-up" when he wears it, and you can see he even posed wearing my mom's shoes and holding a comb.


I take it the Danimal likes orange? I can't believe how big he is. The only time I ever saw him in person, he was a wee bitty babe in your baby sling!
Anonymous said…
Knitting really IS easy to get done if you're a passenger in a car. Glad you're doing well!

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