These pictures are evidence of three things:

1. I have indeed been knitting! I made Daniel that hat a couple weeks ago (in between trips to states starting with a "K").

2. The whole yarn diet ain't going so well. The afore-mentioned hat was yarn bought on an impulse. We were at an LYS/café - and by the way, yes I am totally aware that going to yarn shops is a surefire way to weaken one's resolve not to buy yarn, but Daniel happens to love going to this particular place for cocoa - and Daniel picked up a skein of Berocco Ultra Alpaca and said "Mom, make me hat out 'dis!" I mean, how can I say no to that? At least I used it right away. Also, it's a dark espresso brown that is almost black; I wonder if this portends broody teenage years to come.

3. I need to make this child some waterproof mittens! He voluntarily went outside to shovel snow no less than three times today, and considering he's not quite three years old, he did a surprisingly good job (except that he piled everything on the middle step up to the deck, but we'll ignore minor flaws in his technique for now).


Anonymous said…
You cannot be faulted for giving in to Berocco Ultra Alpaca, that stuff is AWESOME.
Anonymous said…
That's awesome, that he's already wanting to shovel snow!

I broke my "no new yarn" thing, too...but I think that using it right away makes it less bad. At least we didn't add to our *stashes*, right? And yeah, who could resist a cute kid asking for Ultra Alpaca?

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