sock casualty (almost)

or "Why you should never leave a partially completed sock within reach of a curious and unsupervised Danimal":

Why he felt it necessary to stick the DPNs in the couch cushions like tent stakes is beyond me. No worries, though. I got the sock back on the needles and even got a few rounds in this morning while some knitting friends were visiting.

I've got some finished stuff to show you, plus some OLD unfinished stuff to finish, some plans for using up some stash yarn that I'm tired of, plus a couple of things I scavenged from my parents' basement...all good stuff to blog, but that will all have to wait until I can take good pictures.

Ta-ta till then.


Glenna C said…
I should probably not find this completely adorable, but I do. ;) Sock knitters probably just aren't thinking like a young'un.
katie said…
this reminds me of when i left my 1/3 done sock within reach of my sister's puppy. no sooner had i realized, and the needles were eaten, and the sock had to be taken completely out! ahhhhhh.
Claire said…
ACK! We need to get together so you can teach me to knit socks!

(We bought a house, closer to yours, by the way... only on the other side of the beltline. Hopefully that will help us to start regular dates together.)
Anonymous said…
It's better than digging the stuffing out of the sofa with a seam ripper, as did his Uncle Joe when he was about the age that Daniel is now.


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