Finished! 2 pairs of socks

My spring sock fever has subsided a bit with the completion of these socks.

Yarn: Plymouth Happy Feet, 2 skeins
Pattern: toe-up socks from the Vogue Knitting Ultimate Sock Book
Needles: size 2 DPNs for a gauge of 7 st = 1"
Comments: Now that I've done toe-up socks, I'm not sure I will again. Mostly,I am just not in love with the final result of the short-row heel. I don't like the holes it leaves when you work the wraps, and I don't like the way it fits over my heel like ye olde heel flappe. I like the mottled colors of the yarn, though, and they went pretty quick, all things considered.
Made for: ??? I haven't decided whether to keep these or put them on the gift pile.

Yarn: Jojoland Melody
Pattern: I made it up, but there's nothing special about it except the faux cable going down the sides
Needles: size 1 DPNs for a gauge of 7.5 st = 1"
Comments: I thought the yarn was lovely and soft. It's also quite thin, but that didn't bother me. As you can see in the picture, even though the skeins are from the same dyelot, it's obvious they don't start in the same place. This didn't bother me. I have to admit I'm not in love with the looooong color stripes. I doubt I'll get more of this yarn, but then, I'm such an intermittent sock knitter, I don't ever have to use the same yarn twice if I don't want to because there will always be something different to try.
Made for: ??? Again, I haven't decided if I should keep these. They fit me perfectly, so I ought to be selfish and keep them all to myself, but for some reason, I have a really hard time keeping the socks I knit. I think I have ONE pair I made that I wear. Every other pair of socks I've made I've given away, and I think I like it that way.

Here's what's left over:

That's quite a lot, as you can see. What do I do with it? I guess I could make several socks for Anya for next year when she's walking. We'll see.


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