I've got the Knitting Ennui, I'm afraid. I blame the coming of spring, the blooming of flowers, and the allure of dirt.

Boy, I love dirt. I've been down in it, planting things like monkshood, rhubarb chard and leopard's bane. I've been knee-deep in compost, I've tromped in the mud, I've hoed and chopped and pulled and dug. And I love it. It feels so good to do physical work after 9 months of pregnancy followed by a long, cold winter.

In any case, that's why my knitting needles have been a little quieter of late, and why I have nothing to show you at the moment. Actually, I have been knitting a little bit, but it's all gift knitting that I prefer to keep under wraps until the gifts have been given.

Which brings me to another point (or two). Mostly, I find myself knitting for other people. I like the process and the satisfaction of completing something, but usually I am rather indifferent to keeping the finished object. So I knit baby stuff for baby gifts. I knit scarves and socks and hats for Christmases and birthdays. I've made many hats and a couple blankets for Afghans for Afghans. I've knit every important man in my life a sweater. (ETA: I should have said NEARLY every important man. My father-in-law and brother-in-law are also people close to me, but I haven't made either of them sweaters...yet) (That includes an ex, my brother, my husband, and my dad. None of these guys are short, mind you. Most of them are very, very tall. That's a lot of sweater knitting when you think about it. I don't think any of those sweaters have survived/are worn except the one I made for my dad for Christmas 2006, but that's okay. Like I said, it's the process.)

Anyway, I have a couple family birthdays in May that I must knit for (I've begun one thing already), and a friend's baby due in the summer. I have a couple sweaters to finish for Daniel...and then I'm going to knit for ME! Moi. Mich. I've got enough yarn stashed for a few (ahem) sweaters, and the only reason I haven't started any yet is that I keep putting the gift knitting higher on the priority list than the me-knitting. That's fine for now. I know that what I make for other people is appreciated. I wouldn't bother to make anything for someone who wouldn't appreciate it (except for babies and toddlers, but it's not their fault they don't get as excited about handknit items as toys that light up and beep.)

So, once I get the birthday knitting done and finish planting and mulching the garden, I'm going to make myself a sweater! I haven't decided exactly what yet, but there's time.


Anonymous said…

It hit 80 degrees today. First time in 2008. That wonderful blue sweater you knitted for me is...well...not being worn. I may have to wait until next fall. But I love it!


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