latte saves the day

I've been trying for two days to finish my Jojoland socks, but I keep getting interrupted...

(Daniel won't sit still long enough for a sock picture, so it's just Anya today).

Naptime horrors continue, so for the second time in five days, I plopped the kids in the car and got a latté at the Starbucks drive-through so that they would fall asleep on the way home. It's only about a mile away from my house (doesn't it seem like there's a Starbucks within about a mile of everywhere, though?), so I wasn't even wasting that much gas. Anyway, it worked like a charm. Even if I only get a half hour of them sleeping, that's a half hour of my life not wasted fighting with Daniel to get him to sleep, so it's worth the three bucks I spent on that latté. Plus, I could really use the caffeine.

Now then, only about 3 rounds to go, and then it's Kitchner time!


Steph said…
That sweater on Anya looks familiar. Did I make that? Or something like it?
Suze said…
Yup, you made it for Daniel and now it fits Anya perfectly! And the color is great on her.
Anonymous said…
I don't think I ever saw that sweater. I was going to ask about it. Bravo, Steph! It is beautiful!


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