My mom's the BEST! (and I've been knitting, too)

Several months ago my mom called me from a quilt show, where she had found a yarn vendor selling bags of Noro for a really good price. "It's ten skeins for $100," she told me. "Should I buy it and make you a sweater?" Um, yeah!

My beautiful, warm, cozy sweater arrived in the mail earlier this week, and I've been reluctant to take it off ever since (though I don't wear it all day because it's not the type of yarn you want to get covered in baby drool.)

I can't remember or find the exact name of this yarn. Perhaps it's been discontinued? It's chunky weight and contains at least part angora (hence the fuzzy white halo) and she has quite a bit left over. I know the pattern is a basic cardigan from a Patons booklet. Anyway, it's beautiful and warm and I love it, love it, love it! Thanks, mom :)

And yes, I've been knitting, too. My seal-in-a-yellow-bowtie lost spectacularly to other deserving critters in the MDK Project Teeny Runway contest. I was neither surprised nor disappointed (I just assume most people are more clever than I in these matters), and I've moved on to some other projects, namely a sweater for me, and a sweater for Anya. These don't make for very interesting progress photos, I'm afraid, since they're basically just unblocked blobs of stockinette. Still, it's proof that I've managed to keep my knitty self busy.

(Longline Jacket from Modern Classics by Louisa Harding in Elann's Sierra Aran. Certainly not the most interesting knitting, but it's going relatively quickly and it's a good, basic, wearable pattern.)

(Cardigan from a Sirdar booklet in that Dale of Norway Lerke I bought after our tumble on the ice a couple weeks ago. I'm going like gangbusters on this little number. All I have left is one sleeve and the finishing...which is good because Anya is growing unbelievably fast.)


Glenna C said…
That is one niiiiiice sweater! You have one awesome mom!
Mrs. Allroro said…
You are beginning to look more and more like your beautiful mom every day. What a nice sweater! I'd like to see a close up of the buttons (or just a description would do).

Love the choices for both you and Anya, too. Adorable and practical!

Hey, look! You decided to knit yourself a sweater, and you're ending up with two! That's your reward for doing something for yourself.

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