travel knitting

Tomorrow I'm leaving for Kentucky, where I'll be visiting my parents for a whole week with Daniel and Anya. Stuart can't take the time off work, so he has a week of bachelorhood to look forward to, though he'll be driving us to the halfway point between here and there in Illinois. We'll meet my dad there, transfer the carseats and other stuff, and then Stu will turn around and drive home, and dad and the kids and I continue on to Kentucky.

It's going to be a long day, I expect.

Of course I'll help with the driving, but I have to figure out what knitting to take along for the car ride (when I'm not driving) and also for the week ahead of me. I'm thinking small projects, nothing large and ungainly like a sweater. Besides, I'm anticipating that it will be warm enough down South that a big sweater won't be too enticing to work on anyway.

There's Anya's purple sweater, which I was hoping to finish before we left. I'm nearly there; I just have to finish the ribbing around the bottom and sew up the side and sleeve seams. If it weren't for laundry and packing tonight, I'd probably get it done.

And then there are socks. As I said before, I've got the urge to knit socks, though I haven't started any yet because I've been trying to finish Anya's sweater, plus I made those handwarmers for Steph and wrote up the pattern.

(The top picture is Plymouth Happy Feet, and the next is another skein of Trekking Pro Natura, the same yarn I made Daniel socks out of last fall. He's grown out of them, sadly, but they held up beautifully and are nice and soft, so I'm treating myself to a pair.)

I think I'll just pack yarn for these two pairs and call it good. That's not too ambitious, I hope. Besides, it's the extent of my sock yarn stash, all acquired within the last week! I ought to knit it up before I start feeling guilty about it.

Plus, it's not like there aren't any yarn shops in Kentucky...


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