Anya's purple sweater... finished! I'll try to get some more FO shots later; I'll share the details then, too. I'm still in KY visiting my parents. I extended my stay because I just couldn't face the snow (Madison got another 8" or so last week).

Anyway, it's still cool enough here to wear sweaters, so Anya's gotten a lot of use out of this so far.

I'll post again in a couple days when I've returned to the snowy (sigh) north.


sulafaye said…
So sweet! She obviously loves it! Thanks for the pics (and on your other blog too).
Glenna C said…
Aww, what adorable kidlets you have!

I am so done with the snowy north. Now that we've finally gotten some sunshine, why oh why won't the temperatures rise just a little bit?
Mrs. Allroro said…
Oh, love those smiles!

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