a little show and tell

Sorry the blog went dark for a little while there. My family was here all last week, I'm really low on energy now that my due date is less than 5 weeks away, and my paper still isn't done.

But I DO have a couple things to show you!

1. Pants for the Danimal. I have been unable to find britches that fit my little boy. I've looked in about 4 different stores and they all seem to have this inexplicable black hole where they should be selling BOYS' PANTS SIZE 24 MONTHS. I am at a loss as to why I can't find anything in his size. There's plenty of stuff up to 12-18mo, and plenty of stuff starting at 2T, but he's too big for the former and too small for the latter. I got sick of driving around looking for acceptable pants, so last week, my mom and I went to Joann's, bought some corduroy and flannel, and busted out my sewing machine to make these:

...and these:

Easy, easy sewing. They're fully lined, so there were no raw edges to finish (I do have a serger, actually, but it's a pain in the tuckus to re-thread, so I was glad not to deal with it). You just cut out two fronts, two backs, slap them together, and pull elastic through the waist and presto! Pants!

2. I have raging insomnia that is making me utterly miserable, but I've found the perfect knitting project for when I'm up in the middle of the night, unable to sleep, but only at about 30% brain capacity--garter stitch squares out of leftover fingering weight yarn:

These are bound for the blanket for Oliver's fund (courtesy of Kay at Mason-Dixon Knitting). If you read this blog, you've surely heard of MDK, so I'm not going to do the links. She wants the squares by this week, so I better send what I've got tomorrow. It's nice to use up leftovers AND be knitting something worthwhile.

Okay, kids, this paper isn't revising itself. Next time I'll show you my botched Koolhaas hat, half a mitten, and a Christmas stocking. Stay tuned.


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