Finished! Hokie Hat

Looky loo! I have another FO for you! In fact, this one's been done for about a week, but I'm just getting around to posting about it. I dropped a few hints in past posts, but I don't think it was hard to guess what I was making.

Behold: the Hokie Hat, resting upon an obliging squash:

Pattern: completely my own, though it's not anything to brag about particularly, as this is just your basic stocking cap with the Virginia Tech logo incorporated on the side.
Yarn: Cascade 220 in Garnet (a little less than a skein) and Orange (just a few yards...I have a LOT of orange left)
Needles: size 6 for the ribbing, size 7 for the rest
5 st and 7 rows/inch for the main section

A few comments about the design:
Because my brother's noggin is in Blacksburg, VA, I couldn't very well measure it for sizing, and since the hat was a surprise, I didn't want to call him and say "Hey, what's your head circumference? Purely out of curiosity..." so I just measured Stuart's head and tried the hat on him as I went (he's beyond thinking it's weird for me to stick random bits of knitting on his head when he's in the middle of emailing). Apparently, it worked out because Joe called me the other day and said he loves his new hat and it fits him perfectly and he even showed it off in his lab. This makes me proud, because you just never know when a hand-knitted item might be dorky to a muggle.

Doing the logo was fun. While my mom was here the last hellish week of dissertation writing, she found some knitters' graph paper online and printed it out for me (yay for google!) Then, she found the VT logo enlarged to the exact size I wanted (yay for google again!) and we just held the paper up to the computer screen and traced it directly. And voila, I had my chart! Because the color pattern was just one little part of the hat, I had to do intarsia, which I didn't hate nearly as much as I thought I would, though it meant I couldn't knit in the round. At least, I didn't have the patience to figure out how, so I just did the hat in one piece and sewed up the back seam.

Can you abide some more Danimal pictures? I tried putting the hat on him, and of course he pulled it off right away...and then immediately tried putting in on himself. His attempts were not so successful, but amusing nonetheless. See for yourself:

Coming later this week (assuming I get all the paperwork together for my dissertation defense next Monday, ay yi yi): progress on the EZ tomten, a Koolhaas hat for me (WIP), and the next project I'm itching to start.


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