What is it about this color?

Check it out: My jeans and two kinds of yarn, all almost exactly the same shade, all acquired at completely different times.

(BTW, the lace-weight alpaca is for a scarf of some sort, and the Heilo will someday be socks. Obviously, I could make an ensemble out of the lot, but it's against my nature to be that coordinated.)


Jenn Hacker said…
If you were that coordinated, I would be afraid the pod people had finally snatched you and assimilated you. Either that or you had turned Republican. Out of the two, I believe the first would be more likely to happen than the second. LOL!
Thornacious said…
I go on color-binges. Suddenly everything I buy is bright green, or purple, or brown or blue. And then when my color-mood shifts? Oy. The whole darn thing starts up again. But I'm trying to resist the siren calls, at least for now. We'll see how successful I am. grin.

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