Finished! Blob-o-ribbing vest

Remember the blob of ribbing?
Well, now it's this:

Pattern: "Cool" from RYC's Classic Style
Yarn: Heirloom 8-ply 100% itchy, hairy Alpaca in shade 915. Let's call it rusty maroon.
Needles and gauge: Sizes 3 and 6, 22st = 4"
Comments: Holy crap was this boring to knit until I got to the part with the cables, and then it was only tolerable. Good thing there weren't any sleeves. Despite the fact that the picture makes me look like I am shaped like a turtle, it fits me well. I didn't change anything about the pattern except for yarn substitution. It calls for a silk/wool blend but I was specifically looking for a pattern to use up stash yarn, and this was perfect. I think I got the alpaca at Lakeside a few years ago on sale. You know, one of those sale bags with not enough for a sweater, but you get it anyway and then it festers in your stash for three years? Yeah.

*Edited to add: Here's a picture I took this morning outside; I think the color is truer in this picture, less orange.


Thorny said…
Hey wow, nice job! It looks really good - congrats!
Jenn Hacker said…
Pretty! And no, the picture does not make you look like a turtle.
Steph said…
I love this! I might want to mooch the pattern.

I just started two completely boring projects to use up crappy stash yarn and I'm already scouting for something else because they're so blah.

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