when colors disappoint

I am so disappointed in my Kimmswick so far! I picked out the yarn a year ago and when I finally had the opportunity to cast on, I was pretty excited. I knew the project would be kind of a long haul, but the color work looked fun and I was counting on having a pretty impressive scarf at the end of it.

I started having my doubts  a few inches in, but I kept going, and now I'm just not sure if I should continue. The colors I chose, which looked so gorgeous in their wound-up yarn cakes next to each other, look more like a kitchen from the early 1970s spat up all over my knitting needles:

I just don't like it at all. There's something about how that mustard yellow makes all the other colors kind of awful.

I don't know what to do. I adore the yarn - Quince and Co. Finch (not Chickadee, as I said previously) - the problem is purely color choice. The way I see it, I have three options:

1) Keep going, finish the scarf, and give it to someone who likes things that look like a vintage Christmas stocking.

2) Frog it, order a couple new colors to replace the ones I don't like, and start over.

3) Frog it, and use the yarn for other color projects where I need fewer colors that will look better together.

None of these solutions feels good to me, so while I mull it over, I'm going to put the scarf on hold and find another project. I have one other sweater I put down a while ago, and it's complicated, so I'll have to spend some time figuring out where I left off. That's definitely not a portable project, so I need something else, something soothing and easy but not boring. Got any ideas?


Lisa said…
:\ I still like the colors. Maybe it's different in person…or maybe I'm just weird.
Anonymous said…
Yes. They give it a very ethnic look. Which the pattern itself is--very eastern European.

gay said…
I like it but if you don't then order a color you like to replace the mustard or keep knitting and substitute another color for the mustard for the rest of the scarf...you can add some at the other end to make the pattern more symmetrical or go for the asymmetrical look! I hate frogging because I NEVER get back to it!

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