randomly on a Saturday

1. The quick gift project isn't done. It's going to be late. I might have had it done by now but the other night I went to see this concert instead of knitting. It was totally worth it, too. You wouldn't know that  a two hour concert comprised solely of Handel arias could be that riveting, but it really was.

2. I've updated my Stash For Sale page on Ravelry. There are a few more things there, and possibly more to come. I only have so much time for knitting, after all, and there's no point in keeping yarn I only feel so-so about, especially when there are so many lovely new yarns I'd really like to try (Quince and Co, anyone?). I mean, I'm just not in the mood to spend a lot of time knitting something I can't get excited about for whatever reason and I've finally learned there isn't much point in stocking up on yarn if I don't have time to use it right away and I'm going to change my mind about it later anyway. So, for real this time, I have decided it's time I get serious about downsizing. I'm going to sell what I won't use, knit what I want, and, when I am ready, try a few new things without risking a stash explosion.

3. Babies, babies, babies! The sweater I sent to Baby Z in Oklahoma was well-received, I'm happy to say. In the past week, I've learned of two more expectant couples who shall certainly be getting hand knit items from yours truly. One is due late in the fall (girl), the other in the middle of winter (too early to know the sex, and I don't know if they plan to find out, or tell), so I have a bit of time yet. I should branch out a bit and make something other than the same old cardigan (even though I probably have enough of the same yarn to make a fourth), though, don't you agree? I'm leaning towards this lovely pile of garter stitch for at least one of them, but I'm open to suggestions here...like I don't have a pile of baby sweater patterns at the ready for this sort of thing, right?

4. I started Kimmswick a little over a month ago and set it aside for a gift project (see #1):

The stranded knitting is fun, and I'm in no particular hurry to finish it, which is a good thing, seeing as a whole tubular scarf in fingering weight yarn is bound to take a while. I'm starting to doubt my color choices; what looked beautiful in skeins looks a little too much like a 70s throwback knitted up, but for now I plan to keep going and see what it looks like when I've worked through more of the charts. If I changed anything I'd have to start all over and buy more yarn and I don't want to do either of those things (see #2).

5. Christmas knitting. Do I want to do it this year? I need to make a decision soon. What about you?


Lisa said…
I LOVE the colors!

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