it's time to knit accessories

This past week I managed to finish knitting a small project I started before my trip to Niagara with the kids. (Even though I'd brought it along, that project never even made it out of the car.) It's the Pei scarf/cowl thing by Michele Wang from Brooklyn Tweed, and like all the BT patterns I've tried, this one held my interest from the first stitch to the last.

Once I actually cast on the right number of stitches, managed to join them without twisting and got through the lace section without screwing up, the knitting of this went pretty fast. Yes, it took me at least four tries to get started. Sometimes I'm not as smart as I look, I guess.

Now it's all done and lovely, especially since I soaked and blocked it and pinned down the points to help bring out the lace bit. All I need now is some modeled FO pictures, which I may have to do in the sweltering heat tomorrow if my husband is a willing photographer. 

Yesterday I cast on for another scarf, Kimmswick by Julie Hoover, also from Brooklyn Tweed. That one I've been planning for a year, ever since I splurged on a bunch of colors of Quince and Co. Chickadee at Cream City Yarn in Milwaukee last June. Even though I would have liked to start right away, something always got in the way of starting, like test knitting, gift knitting, and a shortage of socks in my household. Finally, I'm feeling selfish enough to start this lovely scarf for myself. As soon as I saw all the color work in Kimmswick, I knew I had to have it, and this is one of the rare projects for which I bought the yarn and will follow through exactly as I originally intended.

I suppose it's the time of year to knit accessories. It's too hot to have a sweater-sized project in my lap unless it's for a very small human, and with the constant mistakes I keep making, it seems I don't have the mental capacity for any shape other than a long tube anyway.

What about you? What are you knitting or making this summer?


Jodi said…
Very pretty! I somehow missed that pattern when it was published. I am knitting an Antler cardigan for m little guy, and I just finished a Buttermere shawlette. I think a Shattered Sun shawlette is next! O

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