something for baby Z

My knitting mojo flew out the window about the time the snow finally melted and it came time to plant. I'm managing a garden at home, our community garden plot, and the school gardens, which is all together more than a little overwhelming. We're also trying to sort out our summer travel plans and I have some playing gigs in June that involve lots of short rehearsals schedule sporadically throughout the week. Today is also the last day of school so I'm feeling emotional about the fact that in just two hours I'll officially have a first grader and a third grader in the family.

I'm holding so many details and plans in my head I can hardly keep everything straight. When I do actually get 20 minutes of down time (like right now) I get a headache trying to decide how best to spend my time. Do I get a little sewing done? Wash the dishes? Figure out what we'll eat for dinner? Pull weeds? Sit down cry a little?

What little knitting I've accomplished lately is this:

It's my third go round with this pattern (Beyond Puerperium) and I've been so scatterbrained I still managed to screw it up twice. The first time I cast on I forgot how to count and had to pull the whole thing out when I got to the sleeve divide and none of the stitch counts between markers were right. The second time I cast off the body, and then thought, Hmm, this looks a little short, before realizing that the freebie measuring tape I was using started at 5cm. That's right. The measuring tape was made so badly it didn't even have the first 2" and I didn't notice until after I bound off the body.  I think I might have measured the sleeves with it, too, because now that I look at that picture, those sleeves appear to be on the cropped side as well.

The sweater is for my cousin's baby who is due any day now. They live in Oklahoma, so there's no particular rush. No one needs a sweater in Tulsa before October, right? At the rate I'm going it won't be done before then anyhow.


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