summer slump

I don't know if it's the heat, or fretting about the terrible drought, or spending absolutely every minute of every day with my kids except for the 25 minutes they are in swim lessons every morning (during which I swim laps = lifesaver!), or what, but I'm in a bit of a summer slump. I finished Daniel's green socks, save the kitchnering of one toe and hiding ends, and I'm coming to the end of a test knit, but otherwise I just can't get too inspired. Who wants to even think about wearing wool when it's 100 degrees in Wisconsin? It's not just knitting, either. I had all these plans to knit and sew and create and clean and do fun educational things with Daniel and Anya, but it's taken everything I've got just to get through the day.

So I will leave you with this random picture of Anya. Daniel took it a few weeks ago with his own camera.

Y'all, this could be me 28 years ago, (only I had fewer freckles; she got those from Stuart!)


Jessi said…
Anya is a beautiful girl and Daniel is a talented photographer!
ann said…
That is precious! And I agree with jessi.

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