new socks for Daniel

This morning was the last swim lesson of the summer. Actually, tomorrow is the last official day of swim lessons, but we're leaving for vacation in the morning, so I asked my kids' instructors to give me their evaluation forms a day early. Daniel's teacher wrote in the comments: "Daniel is an awesome kid..." and then went on to describe his enthusiasm and detail the aspects of swimming he is already doing well and what he needs to practice more.

I know I'm his mama and therefore totally biased, but Daniel is an awesome kid, so charming and lovable and sincere. Also, this afternoon he was willing to model his new wool socks in the stifling heat  (97 degrees felt like 104). You can see the remains of a fudgesicle on his sweet face; perhaps the snack of cold, sweet chocolate on a stick made him extra agreeable.

There's really nothing too special about these socks, other than the fact that they are for Daniel. The yarn I dyed myself with food dyes a few years ago, so I've had it around for a while.

Much like many pairs of socks I've made recently, I didn't use a pattern for these. They are vanilla-vanilla: top-down 2x2 rib, heel flap, wedge toe. Nothing to it, really.

They fit! But not too well, I hope. He won't really need them for a few months, by which time his feet will surely grow a little bit (or a lot). I cast on 64 stitches, the norm for socks for me, and I wouldn't want them any smaller. I swear, my kids' feet are always bigger than I think.

Anya couldn't stand to be left out of the picture-taking, so here's her sweet face. The summer sun has adorned her with a few more freckles, despite our best efforts with hats and sunscreen. Ah, well. Such is the life for redheads!

Tomorrow we leave for vacation. We're going to the mountains and I'm very excited about it. Also, I'm assuming we won't have an internet connection, so I probably won't post again before next week. I'm bringing knitting, though, and if all goes well, by the time I blog again I'll have summited Pike's Peak and finished another pair of socks!


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