red is hard to photograph

Red is hard to photograph - not that we were even trying so hard, but even so. It's been raining or threatening to all day, so everything outside is wet and the flash on my little P&S was going off, even outside.

Still, these aren't bad pictures, as far as that goes. You can see how well this little sweater turned out, for one thing.

Pattern: Top-Down Leaf Tee from the CEY booklet Round Pond
Yarn: Frog Tree pima silk (85% pima cotton, 15% silk), about 5 skeins, from the stash. I think I bought this yarn when Daniel was a baby thinking I would make him a sweater, and then the gauge was all wrong for it and I gave up. Good thing, because it is perfect for this tee.
Mods: none whatsoever except for yarn substitution. The original calls for Classic Elite Premiere

I love this sweater. It is my absolute favorite color, a deep, true red. And the style is perfectly me: fitted, simple, goes with everything, not too dressy. I would have worn this in high school, I'm wearing it now, I'd wear it if I were 60. Except for gauge and the lace panel down the front, this sweater is identical in construction to the Equinox Raglan I finished a few months ago (another favorite).

Now I just need to get out the nice camera and learn how to use it to its full potential...good summer project, I think!


Anonymous said…
The sweater looks well knit, and fits you great! Nice job.
katie said…
very nice, suze! it looks especially nice on you : )
Anonymous said…
Very pretty! And kudos to knitting with cotton and getting a summer knit out there. Those are two things I have never been able to stick with.
It's beautiful and looks so good on you!
Caffeine Girl said…
The sweater is adorable! I don't know how you get so much done!
Mrs. Allroro said…
love it. And I also love the blue of the previous post. I'd like to see how you will wear it--with navy?
Dee said…
The sweater turned out great!

I love the color.

Dee Anna
Anonymous said…
The sweater is beautiful! So proud of your accomplishments!
gay said…
my comment seems to have disappeared. the red sweater looks fabulour and i also LOVED the pima silk yarn, i used it for a juliet some time ago.
ImplausibleYarn said…
Great sweater and red is a really great color on you!
katty said…
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