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Jessi and Jenn-Jenn often do "Friday Five" posts. Today I think I'll do my own, a list of things I just can't get enough of, not necessarily knitting-related.

1. Caffeine. Seriously, I've been sleep-deprived since my last trimester of pregnancy with Daniel. I don't remember when I last slept a whole night through. I drink three espressos with breakfast every morning (prepared by my kind husband, who makes the same number for himself!), and sometimes I make myself afternoon coffee, too. I'm thinking today will be one of those days.

2. Swimming. We had a slow start with swimming lessons this week, with cool rainy weather, but yesterday the kids had a fabulous time. There are no lessons on Fridays, so I was hoping to take them to the pool today just to play in the water, but alas, there is a big storm system moving our way and will probably hit in the late afternoon, just when we will want to go.

3. Knitting red stuff. On the heels (yuk yuk) of finishing that top-down tee last week, I started a pair of red socks.

(For those interested, the yarn is by an indie dyer in Blacksburg, colorway "cardinal", and the pattern is very basic, but I'm using Glenna's latest release as a guide.)

These socks are my my quick in-between knitting while I settle on my next big projects, which may very well be a red cardigan (or a dark brown cabled jacket - I haven't decided.)

4. Cables. I love most kinds of knitting, and while I find lace and colorwork aesthetically pleasing, cables are my true knitting love. I love how cables are really quite easy to execute yet look so impressive, I love the texture of cabled knitting, and also I like to wear cables more than lots of colors or holes, to be honest. The bit of knitting below is the beginning of a sleeve/swatch for the brown cabled jacket mentioned in #3 above, but I think I'm going to have to rip it out and try again on a needle one size bigger.

5. My Knit Picks needles. I don't often order from Knit Picks, mostly because I prefer to support local yarn shops, but I've made a big exception for needles. Last fall I bought a whole pile of Harmony needles (the interchangeable set and some fixed circulars) and I haven't regretted it once. I know many people have had trouble with the interchangeable needles not working right, so I checked every needle tip and join right away, and I'm glad to say I haven't had any problems. I like the feel of the wooden needles and the tips are nice and pointy, and I have yet to find anything I like as well in a yarn shop.

Now I'm kicking myself for all the Addi turbos I bought several years ago when I got back into knitting. I can't stand how blunt and slippery they are; they make my hands sore to use them for too long.

What about you? What can't YOU get enough of these days? (Notice I didn't list one food item. I think that would have to be a whole separate post!)


I thought caffeine was a food item, or are you differentiating between "food" and "beverage"?

I envy you your skill in knitting. I'm discovering that I'm not a very crafty person. I kind of fizzled on the crafty project I was supposed to do for you and Jessi last year. I'm such a schmuck. I'm still planning on doing "something" - but I have no idea yet what that is. I finally got the kitchen clean enough that I could bake you all homemade goodies - but the temps have soared so high into the 90's that the thought of heating up the house even more with the oven makes me swoon from heat exhaustion just thinking about it. Knitting and crocheting attempts have been disasterous. I have an idea for something else, but I haven't been able to execute it yet. Hoping to soon, though...
Dee said…
I love my addi turbos, but I would like to try the knit picks options (I think that is what the metal interchangeables are called.)

I have been buying a lot of strawberries lately, but that is my yearly spring obsession.

Dee Anna
Caffeine Girl said…
I'm with you on caffeine (obviously!), but I love lace over cables. I keep thinking I'll like cables more when I figure out how to do them without a cable needle.

Hey, were you at Half-Price Books earlier this week by any chance?
Jessi said…

Fresh lemonade.

Time with my feet propped up.

Can you tell I'm exhausted lately.
Oh, I wish I could gift you with a full night's sleep! I love sleep. Sleep is the best ever.

Hurray for ribbed socks!
Mrs. Allroro said…
I did this.

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