Can you tell it's my favorite color?

The leaf tee is done and blocked.

...though not yet properly photographed (so the real FO post will wait until this weekend).

I've picked out red yarn for my next big project.

I picked 20 lbs of strawberries yesterday.

And just to shake things up a bit, I started a little something that's not red:

An angora Ptarmigan...can you think of anything less appropriate for summer? But then, who can resist those Jared Flood designs? I sure can't.


Wow. 20 lbs of strawberries?! They look delicious. I need to check if any of the picking places around us are open yet. Do you make any jam or strawberry wine?

What will the next big red project be? (Drat, now I have the big red chewing gum theme stuck in my head.)
I forgot to say, the t looks good too. Beth and I both like the sleeves.
Suze said…
Brian, I wanted to make jam but when I got home, I discovered I was nearly out of sugar. Oops! So I saved a few for just eating (they are so sweet) and froze the rest. I plan to pick more next week and make freezer jam; I don't bother with canning.

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