and the winner is...

...LizzieK8!! Congratulations! Lizzy, I've sent you a pm on Ravelry. I should be able to send the yarn in the next couple of days.

And while I'm at it, I might as well answer my own questions.

1) What is one impulse buying decision - yarn or otherwise - you've made in the last 6 months that you regret? (And if you really truly haven't made any regretful impulse buying decisions, you are either a liar or a saint.)

I'm actually not that bad about impulse buying myself, and yarn is really the only thing I've got too much of. But my last impulse purchase that I regret is a pack of minty gum I picked up at the grocery store last week. I buy gum maybe twice a year and I always regret it. It's kind of gross and makes my jaw tired.

2) What is one thing you know you should get rid of, but can't?

A good chunk of my yarn stash, obviously. Otherwise I don't have a problem getting rid of things we don't need and can't use. Clutter really irritates me, and since we live in a tiny house with two kids, I go through stuff a lot because there's just no place to put anything extra.

3) What's the last good meal you cooked and ate?

Tonight we had rice pilaf and salad. The pilaf was so-so. It's much better when I have paneer cheese to fry and put in it, but I didn't tonight, so it was basically just rice and vegetables. But we have fresh local strawberries with shortcake for dessert, so I believe that should make up for any mediocrity in the main dish.


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