spring knitting

Wouldn't you know I finished the Equinox Raglan two nights ago, and then the weather promptly got all warm and summery? So while I could have worn my new sweater yesterday, it would have been most hot and bothersome. Stuart leaves for work at 7:45 every morning, so there will be no time for photos until the weekend. Hopefully I can do a proper FO post then.

In the meantime, I started something new:

This is a Sparrow for Anya, and it's going lightning fast. I started it at the park yesterday afternoon - and may I interject here to say just how excited I am that I CAN SIT ON THE BENCH AND KNIT WHILE THE KIDS ARE ON THE PLAYGROUND!!! That is indescribable luxury, folks, and I thought that was never going to happen.

I don't know why I keep feeling compelled to knit for Anya. She's so picky about what she wears, resists all my suggestions for what to wear in the morning (never mind what is actually weather-appropriate, of course), and so the chances that she will agree to wear this little top are pretty slim. Ah, the terrible twos. I'm making it anyway, and I'm going with the size 4 in the hopes that by the time it fits her, she won't mind wearing what mama knits for her. I'm naive, I know. Besides, the bizarre minty green color of this yarn (Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece- one of my all time favorites for kids' stuff) looks really good on my little Coppertop with big brown eyes.


Jessi said…
Brynna is five and a half and ABSOLUTELY won't wear anything I crochet for her. You'd think it would be cool at this age, but whatever. Oh, I take that back. Sweaters. She won't wear sweaters. She begs daily for scarves.
Mrs. Allroro said…
Suze that outfit in the link absolutely reminds me of you and your mom, in style. And I think you are correct that the color will be awesome on Anya. I hope she wears it!

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