easter raglan

Happy Easter, everyone! Daniel is totally enthralled with egg-dyeing. I picked up one of those $2 Paas kits at the grocery store, and he got a big kick out of watching the tablets dissolve, then adding water, putting the eggs in the dye with a little wire hook, and folding up the cardboard holders. Occasionally we dye yarn together with food dyes, and he's fascinated by that process, too, especially the parts involving stirring and mixing and dumping.

Otherwise, we aren't doing much celebrating of Easter here, mainly because I will be spending the entire afternoon in a recording studio. It's a beautiful day and I really want to bike there to take advantage of the nice weather while I can, but it's a good seven miles one way, and I'm not sure biking is a good idea. This is mostly because my road bike is a little hard on my wrists until I'm used to riding it (which I am not yet this season), and the music we are recording today is already pretty taxing. I've never had serious problems with performance injury or repetitive stress injuries, thank goodness, but I don't want to start.

Not to mention how sore my bum will be after riding 7 miles when I haven't been on a bike in six months.

My Equinox is done and blocked and I'm wearing it right now. See?

I absolutely love this sweater. I love the colors, the simplicity of the design, it fits wonderfully (totally worth the re-knit), and the yarn softens and blooms beautifully after a good soak.

Stuart took pictures this morning. He's the one who suggested I try a Zoolander pose. We're goofy like that.

Pattern: Equinox Raglan from Knitscene magazine
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden, 7 skeins exactly for the second size
Mods; Only that I added a few extra rounds in the top section so it would fit. Maybe this was a design flaw, or maybe I have thick armpits. I dunno. But it was a pretty easy fix and worked out fine.


Dee said…
Looks great!
Anonymous said…
Great job - the fit and the style work perfectly.
Anonymous said…
Babe, you've got THE LOOK!!

Oh, it's beautiful!
Anonymous said…
The Equinox looks great, Susan. Nice "blue steel", too :-)

I commuted to work on my bike one day last week (6.5 miles each way), and my legs felt fine, but my butt was so sore the next day. Butt acclimatization is my least favorite thing about spring riding.

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