mitered mittens

The mitered mittens are finished!

They are, alas, still not perfect. The thumbs fit better, but they still pull a bit in the middle of the palm. I briefly considered knitting them all over again and doing a thumb gore up the side instead of the trick with waste yarn. But these are for me, I wanted them done, and I suspect the fact that they are fitted means any thumb would pull a little bit. That's okay with me. I want the mittens to fit snugly enough so they don't slide around when I'm trying to do things like drive a car or pick up a kid, and these fit the bill.

Have I mentioned that I love this yarn? I used just under one skein of Mountain Colors Mountain Goat (45% wool, 55% mohair). Every stitch was a pleasure. Come to think of it, the other time I used yarn by Mountain Colors, I made a hat and mitered mittens for Daniel (that was out of Twizzle, a merino/silk blend). Yarn like this is expensive, but worth it every once in a while, and the hand-painted variegation lends itself beautifully to this mitten pattern.

Pattern: Mitered Mittens from A Knitters Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmerman
Yarn: Mountain Colors Mountain Goat, 1 skein
Size: 7.5" circumference, and I made them fairly long, too, about halfway up my forearm
Gauge: 5spi on size 6 needles.

I have several other small projects finished up and waiting to be blogged. Part of the problem is the lack of daylight available for taking good pictures. We have a busy weekend coming up, but I may be able to squeeze in a couple of photo sessions for those things.


Steph said…
Those are beautiful. Surely the thumb will stretch.

I need to get onto the mitten-knitting myself. I don't think those enormous gray gauntlets I made last winter are very practical, alas...they barely even fit under a coat.
Suze said…
They would be practical up here, believe me!

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