the new twist

I have had kind of a crappy day. The kids got up too early (5:30), didn't nap, and whatever time they didn't spend fighting with each other, they spent yelling and whining at me. Stuart had a long day at work and came home all tired and unhappy about looming deadlines and homework for his Comp Sci class. It's been the kind of day that sends my self-esteem to rock bottom and leaves me wondering why I chose to not get paid to take care of people half my size who wreck the house and make me feel shitty. Had I not gone on a nice run this morning and then drunk enough caffeine to power a small space shuttle, I might have lost it completely by the time the sitter got here at 3:15 (so I could teach a couple piano students who never practice), but I managed to hold on to a small scrap of sanity, if not dignity.

At one point this afternoon they were so tired and bored I put on their coats and forced them outside, to much objection in the form of screaming and crying practically to the point of hyperventilating, where upon they saw a very interesting pair of city trucks collecting the last of the autumn leaves and completely forgot about Mom The Tyrant. We even followed it around the block, watching as the small truck with a broom attachment swept the dried leaves into the orange scoop on the back of an old garbage truck. For a few minutes, at least, Anya forgot how tired she was and Daniel forgot how much he hated me.

I think I deserved the beer I had at 5:30 this evening. Just saying.

All this has nothing to do with the new Twist, of course, but I needed to vent a little. So, the new Twist Collective is up, and it's a good one. I am so impressed by the level of writing and other content in this magazine. It's a treat to sit down and read the articles. And the patterns! I admit I've bought several since the first issue was released, though I've yet to knit any of them, despite my best intentions. This latest issue had several I simply could not resist:

This last one, especially, has me smitten. I've got a couple yarns in the stash that would be lovely, I'm sure, though I think Berocco Ultra Alpaca in a natural color would be just perfect. I know my gauge with that yarn, and I'm trying to decide if I can justify buying more for this or not. Probably not...but I am in the thick of holiday gift-knitting at the moment, so I have time to decide.


Jessi said…
That sweater is delicious.
I agree with Jessi. And I'm also sorry you had a craptastic day. It must be going around, because my day yesterday was no fun, either, and included me bursting into tears - in front of my boss. Not my most stellar work moment. Yes, you definitely were very deserving of a beer yesterday, as I was deserving of the big glass of wine I drank with my delivered pizza. Here's hoping the rest of your week gets better.
Mrs. Allroro said…
The last one is totally you.

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