let's try this again

I'm finishing up a week in Kentucky, where the kids and I are visiting my parents. I needed a break from Madison, and Halloween weekend seemed a good time to do it. (If you've ever been in Madison for Halloween, you'll understand why. I'm TOTALLY over the party on State Street. I was over it before the riots became an annual tradition. Now the riots are over, but the police are everywhere and you know what? It's not worth it. Thousands of slutty drunk undergrads...not my thing. But I digress...)

It's been a good visit here, what with warmer weather and making animal costumes and visiting local attractions and such. I went to A Stone's Throw, the LYS going out of business at the end of the month, and I also visited Magpie Yarn in Lexington. Purchases were made, but the pictures I took today were too dark, so I'll share more about that later.

Meanwhile, I've been working on a little project for myself:

These are Elizabeth Zimmerman's mitered mittens from A Knitters Almanac. Such a lovely pattern! So simple yet elegant and the mitered feature makes these mittens very well-fitting.

Unfortunately, EZ was not so specific about the placement of the thumb. I use waste yarn rather than cutting for an afterthought because cutting makes me nervous, and my first attempt wasn't quite right:

See how it pulls on the palm? I think I should have moved the waste yarn and thus the hole about one stitch towards the center, and made the hole about one stitch bigger. It felt fine on my hand, but this yarn is so wonderful (Mountain Colors Mountain Goat) I want the mittens to be perfect. So I ripped. They're a fast knit anyway. It's already after 9, and the kids aren't asleep yet (even with the time change gaaaaaaah), but if they go to bed soon I might finish at least one mitten tonight.


Dee said…
I love that yarn!

I think a thumb that you are happy with is worth it in the long run. Mittens that don't fit at the thumb are very very irritating.

Dee Anna
Stephanie said…
I wish the same thing about that pattern, since the first pair I made had the thumb holes in a spot that would have been better suited to an alien race of some kind. Rip-o-rama.

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