yummy socks

Give these socks a sniff, and you'll understand why I call them "yummy"!

The above picture is my first FO made from my streak of Kool-Aid dyeing in the spring, and they still smell faintly of fake fruity flavor. I didn't use a pattern; funny how I own books full of sock patterns and yet most of the socks I make are vanilla top-down right out of my head.

These were specially made for my friend C (of the blog happy stuff.) I had commissioned her to make some silk-screened linen hand-towels for my MIL's birthday early in the summer. When I said I'd be more than happy to pay whatever she would charge for such an item on her etsy shop, she suggested an exchange instead: towels for socks and a lesson in making homemade noodles. I was more than happy with this arrangement, so I invited her over to look through the KA-dyed sock yarn and my patterns. She picked out the red right away, but then after looking through many fancy-pants patterns, admitted she would really rather have simple socks with stripes. Of course, I didn't have the right blue on hand, so I just ordered a skein of Valley Yarns Huntington in the color "porcelain", and I think it goes with the red rather nicely, don't you?

I wanted to try something new with this pair of socks, just to challenge myself, so I did a little rolled st st above the ribbing, for fun, and I tried an afterthought heel. But I hated the afterthought heel. Hated. It. Didn't look right, didn't fit right, and there were funny gaps at the corners, so I ripped it out and went with the old classic slipped-stitch flap and short-row wedge. I swear that never fails.

C doesn't have her socks yet, though I sent her a picture, so I'm not ruining the surprise. She'll get them in person this week. We'll make a trip to the library where she works for hand-delivery. I hope you like them, C!

Oh, and we haven't made noodles together yet, but whenever that happens one (or both) of us will be sure to take pictures and blog it, maybe in November when she's got a little more time.


abcgirl said…
can't wait to smell them and try them on! i love the color combo. for some reason, i especially love the blue stripe near the toe. thanks for a great swap!
Caffeine Girl said…
She'll love them. They are SO cute.

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