ripple reprise

I'm having a bit of a dilemma about this weekend. Wisconsin Sheep and Wool is Friday - Sunday and I would really really like to go check it out. But when? Daniel starts a preschool class in the morning, so it's going to be a big day already, though I could take the kids in the afternoon. But do I want to schlep them around by myself at a time of day when they are typically not their best? Saturday's out of the question, since our CSA farm is having a big pesto event that I am NOT going to miss (we went last year and it was really great, plus we made about 2 gallons of pesto and I am not exaggerating!). Pesto Fest takes most of the day, plus the farm is exactly in the wrong direction from Wisconsin Sheep and Wool. Sunday may be a possibility, though I have to be somewhere in the late afternoon/evening, so that would make for an awfully busy weekend. I could go by myself on Sunday and force Stuart to spend quality time with his children without me, but I kind of want them to come along to see the sheep and everything. Or I could just miss it completely, which would be a shame, though I would just be going to shop and observe, since I didn't register for any of the classes. I'll have to ponder my options tonight. It would be nice if I had someone to go with, but all my friends who might possibly be interested are busy with other things this weekend.

In the meantime, I finished the ripples hat. It's definitely too small for anyone but Anya!

Pattern: Ripple, a new release over at Knit and Tonic
Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash paints. I think this colorway is just stunning on Anya. Too bad she won't keep the hat on. She like to pretend it's a sock.
Mods: none, though I think my gauge was a little tight since this came out on the small side. I didn't check my gauge and I've never knit with this yarn before (I don't believe in swatching for hats...which might explain the trouble I've had with another one of late). If I'd made the hat longer before starting the decrease section, that would have helped. Still, it fits Anya just fine.


Steph said…
I was admiring that one on Knit and Tonic. Wow. You're right, that's a gorgeous color on her.
Dee said…
I want to knit that hat, except I look like a goon in all hats.

I love the color on her, it is fantastic.
Jessi said…
Can you all four go on Sunday. That way Stuart could take the kids around and look at the sheep and you could shop and it sounds like fun to me!

We go every summer to a local orchard and every fall to a local farm for their big festivals and we LOVE it. Brynna gets more excited about those two things than the zoo and the aquarium combined.

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