I just got a call from my brother that his girlfriend is finally, officially, completely, cancer-free. She finished chemo in July, but a PT scan showed a spot under her arm they hadn't noticed before, so there was surgery last week to remove some tissue and do a biopsy. Results just came back and they are negative! I can't tell you how relieved I am, how relieved we all are.

Next post I'll show some actual knitting, but since I had mentioned MJ's illness and treatment here before, I thought I'd pass along the good news, too.


Anonymous said…
Oh, that's great news -- and of course we need to celebrate life when it shows up in such a wonderful way!
Anonymous said…
what relief indeed! How harrowing to be waiting on results like that and not knowing. Here's to breathing a deep breath.
Dee said…
What wonderful news!

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